Paradigm Parachute & Defense manufacturing facility

Salzman drops in on Paradigm Parachute & Defense

PENSACOLA, Fla. – Tucked away in a predominantly residential area in Pensacola, Paradigm Parachute & Defense is manufacturing cargo, personnel, aircraft recovery and deceleration and munitions parachutes. Disabled veteran-owned, the company is strategically positioned to serve military bases in Northwest Florida.

Florida Representative Michelle Salzman visited Paradigm Parachute & Defense this week for a tour of the facility. As an Army veteran, Salzman commented on her familiarity with the quality of Army-certified parachutes and was impressed by the detail she saw from precise stitching to manual assembling of each unit.

CEO Aaron Nazaruk led the tour after a brief discussion of the company’s owners, origins, trials and plans. Having moved into their current facility in 2020 just after Hurricane Sally that caused a prolonged power outage, production is moving forward with an overall growth of 600%. Their staff of eight employees has increased to 48, and Paradigm is looking to increase soon. Currently focused on making 64’ and 100’ cargo chutes, the company expects to provide more military-grade parachutes for the U.S. and internationally.

Providing a convenient and economical option for local bases, Paradigm expects to expand and fill more sewing and automated positions that will increase production. Like most Florida manufacturers, Nazaruk says they hope to build mutually beneficial relationships with other companies, organizations and individuals. Representative Salzman enthusiastically offered her assistance in making that happen.