brewery worker

Perfect Plain Brewing Co. Photo by Steven Gray

FLORIDA – Manufacturers are among many of the heroes that are coming to the rescue during this global health crisis. Companies are converting and even volunteering their production to provide supplies. In Florida, breweries and distilleries have started producing hand sanitizer. Some are offering it free to the public.

In St. Petersburg, Kozuba & Sons Distillery ceased their liquor production and facility tours to start making hand sanitizer with a high-quality spirit used to make vodka. The formula for the product will be made with a recipe provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

While their distribution is currently in planning stage, and production is limited due to the amount of bottles they are able to obtain. Kazuba & Sons Distillery plan to donate a large portion their initial production to first responders, medical facilities, and community organizations that are actively working during the pandemic. They will make the product available for purchase as soon as they are able to obtain more dispenser bottles.

Here in Northwest Florida, Timber Creek Distillery in Crestview is following the WHO’s hand sanitizer recipe and makes the product available to the public for free. The company invites the community to bring empty bottles and visit the distillery at 6451 Lake Ella Rd. in groups of ten or less.

The Timber Creek Distillery president, Camden Ford, was quoted in the Crestview Bulletin saying, “It just feels good to give back.”

In Pensacola, Perfect Plain Brewing Company began making hand sanitizer last week with 151 proof alcohol and ultrasound gel. They are asking for a $3 donation to help pay servers who are out of work since Gov. DeSantis ordered sit-in establishments closed.

Perfectly Plain’s president, DC Reeves told WEAR-Channel 3 he’s thankful his team is working together during this time and grateful for the community’s support.