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The Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council

The Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council exists to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the region's manufacturers by acting as a single voice to address common interests. The program of work will be developed through input from the members, but will at least initially serve to deepen the manufacturing talent pool by working with education and workforce development partners to create programs that develop skillsets (technical and employability) that are needed in the region's manufacturing industry. Members can expect to see a greater awareness of manufacturing careers in the region, greater preparedness by program graduates for these careers, and ultimately a reduction in costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training entry-level workers.

Dues Schedule

Manufacturing Members

Number of Employees
Dollar Amount
1-10 $500
11-50 $1,000
51-100 $1,500
101-250 $2,500
251-500 $3,000
501-1000 $4,000
1001+ $5,000

Non-Manufacturing Members

Affiliates                                                                           $1,500
Public Partners (CareerSources, Educational Institutions, Economic Development Organizations, etc)                            $750 

The Council’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30. Members who join after December of each year will pay prorated dues for their first year membership. All membership applications will be brought before the Board for approval at monthly Board meetings.